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LostGrid is a powerful grid system built in PostCSS that works with any preprocessor and even vanilla CSS.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to open an issue. You're also welcome to tweet @LostGrid if an issue seems too formal.

Getting Started

LostGrid makes use of calc() to create stunning grids based on fractions you define without having to pass a lot of options.

Read the docs on!


  • Migrate the core of the code to TypeScript
  • Remove a lot of the complexity, focusing on moving complexity to CSS Grid
  • Optimize LostGrid to support CSS Grid, getting out of the way while helping enabled developers to use CSS Grid
  • Maintain backwards compatibility with older browsers for those who need it

Browser Support

  • LostGrid relies on calc() to create the grid. Thus, LostGrid is limited to browsers that support calc(). The great thing is that calc() is widely supported in all current browsers and the LostGrid usage of calc() is supported as far back as IE9+.
  • If using LostGrid in flexbox mode browser support is limited to IE 10+.
  • Calc browser support
  • Flexbox browser support

Official Support

  • Supported versions of Node
  • LostGrid is tested in the following browsers for compatibility
    • IE10+ (IE9 has the same calc() support as IE10 except for background position which LostGrid doesn't affect)
    • Evergreen Browsers (as they update automatically, tests are performed on the latest version of the following browsers)
      • Chrome
        • Chrome Canary + Chromium as well
      • Opera
      • Firefox
        • FirefoxDeveloperEdition as well
      • Edge
    • Safari 9+

LostGrid Team



  • Cory Simmons for creating this grid!
  • Alex Bass for being available to bounce ideas off of.
  • Maria Keller for the amazing logo. Be sure to hire her for all your design and motion graphic needs.
  • Everyone who files an Issue when something isn't working as expected.
  • Everyone who has contributed.