Read temperature from cheap usb thermometers (based on pcsensor0.0.1 binary)
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Read temperature from cheap usb thermometers.

Supported devices:

  • TEMPer1
  • TEMPer1F

How to run it

  1. clone this repository
  2. $ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev
  3. $ make
  4. connect the thermometer
  5. $ sudo ./pcsensor

The output looks like:

2014/10/30 07:00:36 Temperature 73.96F 23.31C

collectd integration

sudo make install collectd-install
sudo systemctl restart collectd



ph1l added Collectd plugin and fixed optstring for optional argument to -l.


asac: add make install rule for easier distro integration


Hendrik Bergunde: Introduce the -s parameter, that takes an offset as mandatory argument that gets substracted from (all) displayed temperatures. This can become handy, since the measured temperature sometimes looks significantly too high. The argument is considered to be given in degree Celsius (°C) and supports integer and float values. Practically, I can recommend an offset of about -s7.5. The Fahrenheit values automatically take advantage of the offset as well.


Mebus: added Nagios/Icinga Plugin


Pete Chapman: Fixed poor precision for TEMPer1F (iProduct string "TEMPer1F_V1.3").


Peter Vojtek: took original version of pcsensor0.0.1 from this page and fixed bug: temperatures below zero overflow: 254.3 C is displayed instead of -1.3 C


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