Arduino Mega 2560 as an MQTT client
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Written by Peter Illmayer


Uses Arduino Mega 2560 as an MQTT client for Digital Inputs and Outputs.

When an input is open/closed an MQTT message is sent to a broker

Outputs can be controlled by MQTT messages

This code should be considered ALPHA and use at your own risk. The code is here to keep as a backup. There is considerable cleanup to be done however it is functional. I'm not a programmer but get a kick out of I0T MQTT devices.

Lots of debug available on the serial port.

MQTT messages

  1. When the unit powers up it will send all of its inputs via MQTT. If outputs have a retain flag set, the output will follow the MQTT retain flag

  2. Inputs: When the pin is grounded the MQTT payload is 0, when open the payload is 1. Topic can be customised via panelID value

    • Inputs will automatically send status on pin toggle

    • stat/panelId/Input/1 0 for pin shorted to ground

    • stat/panelId/Input/1 1 for pin open circuit (has pullups enabled)

  3. Outputs: When a payload 1 is received the output goes LOW, payload 1 sets output HIGH. panelID currently set to 20(iD)

    • cmnd/panelId/Output/1 1 this will turn output 1 on

    • cmnd/panelId/Output/1 0 this will turn output 1 off

  4. When an output is turned on, a response is sent back to the broker so you know the output turned on (great for NodeRed)

    • Received message: cmnd/panelId/Output/1 0

    • Reply message: stat/panelId/Output/1 0

  5. Rudimentry LWT is implemented

    • tele/panelId Connected-Disconnected

    • On connected, board sends all of the input statuses

  6. Send TOPIC cmnd/panelID/reboot 0 and it will reboot the arduino. tele/panelID will populate payload with rebooting.

Pin Mapping

  • A0-A7, A8-A15, D40-D47 are inputs

  • D16-D23, D24-D31, D32-D39 are outputs

Known Bugs:

Input A0 always reports status on boot, need to find that

Considerable load testing of turning 8 outputs on and off very rapidly causes the arduino to reboot. Not sure if this is bloated code or a buffer overflow in the MQTT client. This kind of rapid output switching would not occur in a home automation project


In particular inspiration provided by Jonathan Oxer from Superhouse. This code was based on his LIghtswitchMQTT controller.