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The Java awt/swing client for the communication with the REST name day service built by the Gradle
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Name day REST client

The Java application for finding name days for the name or for the date built by the Gradle. It is the client that communicates with my own name day REST service.

For the operation there must be the name or date field specified.


Now in March 2020 my version of Java is (OpenJDK) 12.0.2 and my version of Gradle is 5.2.1. I also successfully tested old Java version (SE) 1.7.0_80 and Gradle 4.10.3.

The current Java compatibility setting in the project is the version 1.7. If You want to set the version 1.8 or newer, please change the line sourceCompatibility = 1.7 of build.gradle file.

Cloning to your computer

  • install GIT and Java on your computer
  • set the operating system environment variable JAVA_HOME (the Java machine executable must be located on %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe)
  • install Gradle on your computer
  • clone this repository to your computer by the GIT command git clone

Running under Windows

  • the batch _make.bat builds the project, it creates the executable JAR file (Java archive) and the EXE file (Windows executable)
  • the batch _run_java_archive.bat launches the Java archive file in the build\libs directory
  • the batch _run_windows_executable.bat launches the Windows executable file in the build\launch4j directory
  • the batch _clean deletes files and directories created at the time of Gradle building

Running under Linux

  • build the project by the command gradle assemble build createExe
  • launch the Java archive file by the command java -jar build/libs/namedayrestclient-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Warning - both files settings.gradle and build.gradle have the Windows line endings (CR+LF), not Linux line endings (LF)

To do (my plans to the future)

  • the search functionality should be running in any other thread and there should be also the Stop button
  • there is a little language conflict, the application is pure english but the name days REST service czech
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