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The official .NET/C# port of Petrovich.
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Petrovich NPetrovich

NPetrovich is library which inflects Russian names to given grammatical case. It supports first names, last names and middle names inflections.

NPetrovich is C#/.NET implementation of Petrovich ruby gem.

Build status



PM> Install-Package NPetrovich


Just reference NPetrovich dll to your project.


Run psake.ps1 script with Powershell to build solution. You can find output binaries in the bin directory.


Basic usage

var petrovich = new Petrovich()
		FirstName = "Иван",
		LastName = "Иванов",
		MiddleName = "Иванович",
		Gender = Gender.Male

// Inflect all properties
var inflected = petrovich.InflectTo(Case.Dative);

System.Console.WriteLine(inflected.FirstName); // Ивану
System.Console.WriteLine(inflected.LastName); // Иванову
System.Console.WriteLine(inflected.MiddleName); // Ивановичу

inflected = petrovich.InflectTo(Case.Instrumental);

System.Console.WriteLine(inflected.FirstName); // Иваном
System.Console.WriteLine(inflected.LastName); // Ивановым
System.Console.WriteLine(inflected.MiddleName); // Ивановичем

// Inflect each property
System.Console.WriteLine(petrovich.InflectFirstNameTo(Case.Genitive)); // Ивана
System.Console.WriteLine(petrovich.InflectLastNameTo(Case.Genitive)); // Иванова
System.Console.WriteLine(petrovich.InflectMiddleNameTo(Case.Genitive)); // Ивановича

You can use automatic gender detection based on middle name or first and last names, if the middle name not determinates gender:

var petrovich = new Petrovich()
        FirstName = "Иван",
        LastName = "Иванов",
        MiddleName = "Иванович",
        AutoDetectGender = true

System.Console.WriteLine(petrovich.Gender); // Male

Also you can use GenderUtils to detect gender based on middle name:

Gender gender = GenderUtils.Detect("Иванович");
System.Console.WriteLine(gender); // Male

Advanced usage

You can use your own rules loader which implements IRulesLoader interface:

IRulesLoader customLoader = new CustomRulesLoader();
var petrovich = new Petrovich(customLoader);


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

You can also support project by reporting issues or suggesting new features and improvements.

To be done

  • Add documentation
  • Add comments to the code
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