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This repository contains the translated strings for the game PewPew Live.


Any contribution helps, even if its only a few words or phrases. (but please only contribute to languages you can speak; no Google Translate)

For information on how to submit changes on GitHub, take a look at this guide.

If you contribute a significant amount, I'll put you in the credits!

A few tips for contributing:

  • Keep the %s as they later get replaced by some other text.
  • The text fragments that look like #ffffffff encode colors. Keep them!
  • Try to have the translations be approximately the same length as the English text.
  • Don't hesitate the reword the text to better fit the language.
  • In order to reduce merge conflicts, avoid working on a single pull request for multiple days. It's better if you create one pull request per day.

Adding new languages

If you want to add support for a new language, create a GitHub Issue so that we can discuss the feasibility.


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