Deploying CoreOS via PowerShell (with PowerCLI)
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Deploying CoreOS via PowerShell

This script will automatically build out CoreOS clusters of a given size on enterprise VMware infrastructure.

Taken from this blog post and expanded to include parameterized input, variable cluster size, and auto-generated/updated etcd discovery url.


  • NodeCount: Defaults to 3, this is used to determine how many nodes are in the cluster (also used for generating IP addresses)
  • vCenterServer: The target vCenter Server (Defaults to my internal/isolated homelab... change this for your implementation)
  • ClusterDns: DNS server for use by the nodes
  • ClusterGateway: The node's IPv4 gateway
  • IPAddressStart: The first node's IP address. This will be incremented for each subsequent node. Note: The current version does not check for valid IP addresses at run time. If you start at and make a cluster of 11 nodes, this will probably break things.
  • Cidr: Defaults to 24, this indicates the subnet mask in cidr notation
  • VMwareCred: Credentials for connecting to $vCenterServer
  • CoreOSTemplate: The name of the CoreOS template in vCenter