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Dist::Zilla configuration and profiles to mint new distributions.


This is done in config.ini, and it merely lists the copyright owner and license to use.


Templates and files to use for each type of distribution you which to create (e.g., webapp, application, library, etc).

I currently have 3 profiles, one for non-Moose distributions (which will typically be applications), another for libraries using Moose, and a third one for Dancer web apps.


I currently use the following plugins:

  • The Basic bundle, but I remove ExtUtils::MakeMaker and use Module::Install.

  • META.json

  • Auto pre-requisites: explicitly declare the modules version you want to use in your use clauses (if any) and Dist::Zilla does the rest.

  • POD Weaver to add bits of boilerplate, like version numbers, etc.

  • PkgVersion, to add the our $VERSION statement and version POD fragment.

  • NextRelease, to automagically add to the Changes file, with a modified CLDR format.

  • Extra author tests.

  • The Git bundle.

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