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meleeData2Json is a program to dump character data files from Super Smash Bros. Melee to JSON. This data includes Attributes (some) and Subactions, which are "scripts" that exist for each character state. They are comprised of "Events"/"Commands", which are also parsed by meleeDat2Json, including their parameters.

meleeDat2Json aims to make character/move data directly and easily accessible for inclusion in websites or whatever other clever ideas other people might have and also tries to serve as a reference implementation for parsing character .dat files and a reference for the subaction commands that have already been understood. If you notice things I could improve in that regard (i.e. make the file parsing more robust, parse more information or add more commands), please let me know (via issue tracker) or make a pull request!

.dat dumps

meleeDat2Json does not have many options that significantly alter the output, so most people will probably not require to execute it themselves. I uploaded JSON dumps of the character files here:

Melee Files/dat-dumps

Embedded in the character files are also the animation files, which I dumped as well to dat-dumps/animation-files in case anyone needs them.


The initial motivation and my main project utilizing meleeDat2Json is meleeFrameDataExtractor, which extracts frame data, like it is provided in numerous threads on smashboards, Smash Wiki or on superdoodleman's website directly from the character files and in a format more easily accessible in other projects, like my framedata website melee-framedata.


If you have some reason to execute meleeDat2Json yourself, you need to install Python 3, then just navigate to the repository root and call pip install .. Then you can just call:

meleedat2json --help

to view help on the command line options. If the help is not sufficient, please open an issue and let me know what to improve!


A Melee .dat file reader in Python, that dumps character data to JSON.






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