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chainer implementation of pix2pix

The Japanese readme can be found here.

Example result on CMP facade dataset

From the left side: input, output, ground_truth


  1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Download the facade dataset (base set)
  3. python -g [GPU ID, e.g. 0] -i [dataset root directory] --out [output directory] --snapshot_interval 10000
  4. Wait a few hours...
  • --out stores snapshots of the model and example images at an interval defined by --snapshot_interval
  • If the model size is large, you can reduce --snapshot_interval to save resources.

Using other datasets

  • Gather image pairs (e.g. label + photo). Several hundred pairs are required for good results.
  • Create a copy of for your dataset. The function get_example should be written so that it returns the i-th image pair a tuple of numpy arrays i.e. (input, output).
  • It maybe necessary to update the loss function in
  • Likewise, make a copy of and modify to visualize the dataset.
  • In change in_ch and out_ch to the correct input and output channels for your data.