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This code drives a 6x5 array of Charlieplexed LEDs using Jimmie Rodger's LoL
Shield Charliplexing code.  The current target is a standalone board with an
ATmega328 on it, but there's no reason it couldn't be hooked to an Arduino and
run from there.

The code also talks to a DS1307 RTC over I2C using Adafruit's DS1307 library at
the moment.  I suspect that will change later on, but it's a simple library for
reading the I2C bus and decoding the time.

The 4x5 Font spreadsheets explain the font definition.  It's mostly based on
Jason Kottke's Silkscreen with the Q mangled to not have a 6th row descender.
The numbers are from the MixiClock described on the Wise Time with Arduino blog.
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