Libraries and sketches for use with a haptic-feedback enabled hat (HaptiCap).
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The HaptiCap is a hat designed to provide directional haptic feedback to the wearer. The prototype uses 8 vibration motors and is powered by an Arduino Nano.

This repository contains libraries and sketches designed to work with the HaptiCap.


While the original and primary goal of the HaptiCap was to act as a haptic compass (continuously signaling north), I have not ruled out using the form factor for other directional feedback. For forward compatibility, I've decided to call the general haptic feedback interface (the hat) HaptiCap, and the version that is acting as a haptic compass is called the HaptiCapMag.

These sketches assume that your HaptiCap uses an HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer, and that you are using my HMC5883L library, which is stored in a separate repository in case someone wants to use it for non-HaptiCap applications. Full documentation for my HMC5883L library can be found in that repository or online here.

A full writeup on the device is coming soon.