Go language reader for SAM sequence alignment files
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This is a library for reading SAM sequence alignment files, using the Go programming language. It's in a pre-alpha state, and the interface and implementation is subject to breaking change. It does read all the required and optional data found in Header, Sequence Reference Dictionary, Read Group, and Program lines, as decribed in the SAM specification. It also reads all the required alignment data

When reading in the file, it validates the header, though not thealignment lines yet.

Right now there is just one exported method:

func ReadSAMFile(fileName string) (*HeaderLine, *list.List, *list.List, *list.List, *list.List, error)

which returns a struct for the Header, as well as lists of structs for Reference sequence dictionaries, read groups, and program lines.

The library is licensed according to the GNU Lesser GPL, Version 3. See COPYING.LESSER for details.