A LDAP Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL
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LDAP Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL 9.2

This is an initial working on a PostgreSQL's Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) to query LDAP servers.

By all means use it, but do so entirely at your own risk! You have been warned!

Do you like to use it in production? USE IT WITH CAUTION and do a ton of tests before.

Please help us to improve and test it and turn it production-ready!


See doc/ldap_fdw.md


The dependencies are:

  • PostgreSQL >= 9.2
  • OpenLDAP

To build you will also need:

  • GNU make
  • GCC

To install the build dependencies on RedHat based systems:

yum install make postgresql92-devel gcc openldap-devel

The postgres92-devel package can be found in the PostgreSQL YUM Repository: http://yum.postgresql.org/.

To install the build dependencies on Debian based systems:

apt-get install make libldap2-dev gcc


To build it, just do this:

make installcheck
make install

If you encounter an error such as:

"Makefile", line 8: Need an operator

You need to use GNU make, which may well be installed on your system as gmake:

gmake installcheck
gmake install

If you encounter an error such as:

make: pg_config: Command not found

Be sure that you have pg_config installed and in your path. If you used a package management system such as RPM to install PostgreSQL, be sure that the -devel package is also installed. If necessary tell the build process where to find it:

export PATH="$PATH:/usr/pgsql-9.2/bin"
make installcheck
make install

And finally, if all that fails, copy the entire distribution directory to the contrib/subdirectory of the PostgreSQL source tree and try it there withoutpg_config:

env NO_PGXS=1 make && make installcheck && make install

If you encounter an error such as:

ERROR:  must be owner of database regression

You need to run the test suite using a super user, such as the default "postgres" super user:

make installcheck PGUSER=postgres

Once ldap_fdw is installed, you can add it to a database connecting as a super user and running:


Copyright and License

This software is released under the PostgreSQL Licence.

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Dickson S. Guedes.