Unison is a cross-platform music production studio. Unison will have a uniform feel in accordance with the community's overall opinions. The studio aims to be handy to a novice and powerful enough for a pro.
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        Unison Studio

What is Unison?

Unison is a project that needs a better README file. The docs/ directory has some interesting readings.


Checkout INSTALL for building and installation instructions.

Join Unison Development

I am currently looking for developers, artists, and beta testers.

For beta testing, I am especially interested in being able to test Unison on a varity of machines for performance testing. I want to only improve performance ;)

Developers are needs for plugins, platform support, support for 3rd party stuff like file formats and other plugin technologies.

Also, work can be started on various GUI components, tools, and testing.

Artists and user interface specialists are also great! I'd like ideas for themes, layout, and user workflows. Even if you are an experienced user of other audio software and have a wishlist, please share it with me!

Contact me if you are interested in helping out. See AUTHORS for more info.