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This document describes a simple way to compile pgModeler. Please read it carefully so that no step is forgotten, compromising the entire process.

Compiling Requirements

  • GCC Development Tools 4.4 or above (Windows and Linux)
  • Xcode 4.5 or above (Mac OSX only)
  • Qt 4.8.x library (
  • libXML2 library (
  • libpq library (
  • pgModeler source (

The process

Note to Linux The compilation script uses the 'pkgconfig' tool to find the correct path to PostgreSQL and libXML2 include/libs so make sure that executing the commands below will produce a similar result as follows:

$ pkg-config libpq --cflags --libs

-I/usr/include -L/usr/lib64/

$ pkg-config libxml-2.0 --cflags --libs

-I/usr/include/libxml2 -lxml2

If an error is returned after running the above commands check the installation of PostgreSQL and libXML2. The compilation will fail if these dependencies can not be resolved.

Specific for Ubuntu: If you are experiencing linkage errors related to libpq even if PostgreSQL is correctly installed try creating the file "/usr/lib/pkgconfig/libpq.pc" with the following content:


 Name: LibPQ
 Version: 5.0.0
 Description: Library PQ
 Libs: -L${libdir}/ -lpq
 Cflags: -I${includedir}

Note for Windows/MacOSX: Before starting the compilation, check in the file '' if the variables PGSQL_(INC|LIB) and XML_(INC|LIBS) points to the correct paths for your system.

To compile the pgModeler type (in the root folder of the source code):

 $ qmake
 $ make
 $ make install

If the build is successful the executable 'pgmodeler' and some directories will be created in the build/ folder. Copy the contents of this folder to any other location you want.

Environment Variables

Four environment variables are used by pgModeler to access the folders schemas/, conf/, plugins/, and lang/. If you want to configure directories cited in different paths, use the following variables:

  • PGMODELER_SCHEMAS_DIR -> stores the full path the directory schemas/
  • PGMODELER_CONF_DIR -> stores the full path the directory conf/
  • PGMODELER_LANG_DIR -> stores the full path the directory lang/
  • PGMODELER_PLUGINS_DIR -> stores the full path the directory plugins/

Additionally, pgModeler needs to know where to find the libraries required for execution (Qt Library, LibXML, and libpq) for which you should enter the full path in the variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Unix) or PATH (Windows), if not already configured.

To provide the interface translation pgModeler checks the variable LANG (Unix). To use a specific translation, change the value of this variable. pgModeler fully supports U.S. English (en_US) language and partially the Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), French (fr_FR) and Chinese (zh_CN) languages.

Finally, as a convenience, the script 'start-pgmodeler.(sh | bat)' is provided to assist the initialization of pgModeler so it is not necessary to call the executable directly or change the environment variables on your operating system.

Note: You may need to edit the parameters of the script depending on configuration of your operating system.

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