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Support for geometric types #28

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Hello guys, first of all congratulations on the superb job you all have been doing creating this tool. It looks amazing and it's working quite well.


I'm mainly a GIS user, so this tool is a invaluable resource to construct data models, but this lacks the support for GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY types, added by PostGIS extension.

This is not a bug, just a feature request :D.

Thanks again for the great work.

PostgreSQL Database Modeler member

Hello @george-silva!

First, thank you for the encouragement! :) I feel happy that my work has been helpful to others! Actually this is a solo project! I'm working alone in it since 2006 only this summer could end a stable version. Actually I would not even release it because pgModeler was intended to be a small tool to support me on my job and to find out that others would never use it.

But it was through the encouragement of my friends that I decided to publish it on Github for others to make use of it. For a project that may never known the world it has been doing reasonably well (in my humble opinion) despite being in an early stage (beta!). I'm proud to say this is a free project and made with care!

Back to your suggestion the GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY types are note included because I've put only the types listed as "native type" but they can be included as well. I'll study the GiS documentation and see if they can be included without much pain! I'll mark this issue to be implemented until the next release (0.3.4) if my spare time allow this! ^^)

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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