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Releases: pgstef/check_pgbackrest

check_pgbackrest 2.3

31 May 08:36
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2022-05-31 - Version 2.3


  • In case of pgBackRest db history change (after a successful stanza-upgrade), only the latest database system/version will be checked. (Reported by Hendrik Schöffmann)
  • Check if boundary WALs could be defined from history files in case of timeline switches.
  • Fix timeline switch detection from history files. (Reported by martindomeij)
  • Add list-boundaries option to debug print the boundary WALs fetched from the history files.
  • Eval pgBackRest JSON output in case of invalid config option would trigger warnings. (Reported by Manuel Alonso)

check_pgbackrest 2.2

06 Dec 11:15
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2021-12-06 - Version 2.2


  • The retention service will check if any error was detected during the backup (reported since pgBackRest 2.36).
  • Add nagios_strict output format to filter out unsupported types of values from performance data. (Reported by netphantm and Adrien Nayrat)
  • Support uncompressed files in the archives service. (Suggested by Jean-Philippe Guérard)
  • Add retention-diff and retention-incr options in the retention service. (Contributed by devopstales).
  • Add retention-age-to-oldest option in the retention service. (Suggested by Hendrik Schöffmann)

check_pgbackrest 2.1

21 Sep 09:28
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2021-09-21 - Version 2.1


  • Only support pgBackRest 2.33 and above in order to add support for the multi-repository feature.
    Introduce the --repo option to set the repository index to operate on. When multiple repositories will be found, if the --repo argument is not provided, the services will operate on all repositories defined, checking for inconsistencies across multiple repositories.
    It is however recommended to also define checks using the --repo argument to verify the sanity of each repository separately.
    (Reviewed by Adrien Nayrat)
  • Add a new max-archives-check-number option for the archives service. This is intended to use in case of timeline switch and when boundary WAL can't be detected properly, in order to prevent infinite WAL archives check.
  • Add prtg output format (Hans-Peter Zahno).

check_pgbackrest 2.0

10 Feb 13:44
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2021-02-10 - Version 2.0


  • Only support pgBackRest 2.32 and above in order to only use its internal commands. This remove Perl dependencies no-longer needed to reach repository hosts or S3 compatible object stores. This also brings Azure compatible object stores support.
    The repo-* arguments have then been deprecated.
  • Support non-gz compressed files in the archives check (Magnus Hagander).
  • Fix the ignore-archived-* features when using pgBackRest internal commands (Magnus Hagander).
  • Improve ignore-archived-* features to skip WAL consistency check for backups involving ignored archives.
  • Skip unneeded boundary WAL check on TL switch (reported by sebastienruiz).
  • The retention service will now check that at least the backup directory exists, not only trusting the pgBackRest info command output (suggested by Michael Banck).

check_pgbackrest 1.9

28 Jul 12:46
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2020-07-28 - Version 1.9


  • The archives service will now only look at the archives listed between the oldest backup start archive and the max WAL returned by the pgBackRest info command. This should avoid unnecessary alerts. To extend the check to all the archives found, the new --extended-check argument has been implemented (suggested by blogh).
  • Remove refresh of pgBackRest info return after getting the archives list. That avoids CRITICAL alert if an archive is generated between those two steps. Instead, a WARNING message "max WAL is not the latest archive" will be displayed (suggested by blogh).
  • Fix S3 archives detection (reported by khadijahvf).
  • New enable-internal-pgbr-cmds argument, for pgBackRest >= 2.28. Internal pgBackRest commands will then be used to list and get the content of files in the repository instead of Perl specific drivers. This is, for instance, needed to access encrypted repositories. This should become the default and only access method in the next release, removing some Perl dependencies.

check_pgbackrest 1.8

17 Mar 12:43
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2020-03-16 - Version 1.8

  * Change output of missing archives. 
    The complete list is now only shown in `--debug` mode (suggested by Guillaume Lelarge).
  * Add --list-archives argument to print the list of all the archived WAL segments.

check_pgbackrest 1.7

14 Jan 07:55
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2020-01-14 - Version 1.7

  * Rename --format argument to --output
  * Add json output format
  * Add timing debug information
  * Improve performance of the needed wal list check

check_pgbackrest 1.6

14 Nov 16:14
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2019-11-14 - Version 1.6

  * check for each backup its needed archived WALs based on wal start/stop information given by the pgBackRest "info" command
  * return WARNING instead of CRITICAL in case of missing archived WAL prior to latest backup, regardless its type
  * add ignore-archived-before argument to ignore the archived WALs before the provided interval
  * rename ignore-archived-since argument to ignore-archived-after
  * add --retention-age-to-full argument to check the latest full backup age
  * fix bad behavior on CIFS mount (reported by `renesepp`)
  * add Amazon s3 support for archives service (Andrew E. Bruno)
  * avoid chdir when scanning a directory to avoid some problems with `sudo -u` (Christophe Courtois)
  * new check_pgb_version service (suggested by Christophe Courtois)

check_pgbackrest 1.5

18 Mar 09:05
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2019-03-18 - Version 1.5

  * order archived WALs list by filename to validate if none is missing
  * add --debug option to print some debug messages
  * add ignore-archived-since argument to ignore the archived WALs since the  provided interval
  * add --latest-archive-age-alert to define the max age of the latest archived WAL before raising a critical alert

check_pgbackrest 1.4

19 Feb 15:05
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2019-02-19 - Version 1.4

  * initial public release
  * backups retention (retention-full and retention-age)
  * local WAL archives check (repo-path)
  * remote WAL archives check (repo-host and repo-host-user)