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2010.10.11 v0.0.29
* fixed connection counting on the workers
2010.10.11 v0.0.28
* fixed a racing condition while shutting down the workers
2010.10.11 v0.0.27
* fixed a possible racing condition for access to master pid file when respawning
2010.10.11 v0.0.26
* Now uses carrier ( as a way to implement line reading on protocol
2010.10.06 v0.0.25
* Fixed race condition between launching workers and asynchronous binding on master socket
* On sudden master death, somehow the workers should eventually realize that their master has died and kill themselves.
* added fugue.workerPids()
* added options.worker_to_master_ping_interval
* Worker notifies master that he is also listening, so master can more accurately count him in in order to invoke the options.started callback.
2010.10.05 v0.0.22
* Now workers file descriptors (stdin, stdout, stderr) are the same as the master process, so there is no longer the need to pipe them from worker into master.
2010.10.05 v0.0.20
* Fixed some important leaks that were preventing node to end after fugue.stop();
* Added "started" callback to fugue.start();
2010.10.03 v0.0.19
* Reviewed the code that synchronously tries to fetch the file descriptor from the original master into the new respawned master (luismreis)
* improved fugue.stop (pgte)
* added test-fail target to test if tests are failing correctly on spawned test children processes (pgte)
* reviewed teardown of some tests (pgte)
2010.10.01 v0.0.15
* Added tests: zero_workers, one_worker, i_can_reach_many_workers, app_reload (pgte);
* Move verbose test out of log function and into configuration. If there's need to change logging at run time, then this code can be easily moved into a (new) function. (luismreis);
* new fugue.stop() function (pgte);
* options.verbose now defaults to false;
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