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Mark all variables as static.

Since the whole interface required by Ruby is the Init_* function, the
variables can easily not be exposed as symbols, which reduce the chance of
symbol collisions, the size of the symbol table a the number of resolutions
to the PLT.
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1 parent c2ba858 commit cf262a3c013d1ce3377649067cb96b7db72c7f96 @Flameeyes Flameeyes committed Dec 24, 2011
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  1. +5 −5 ext/system_timer/system_timer_native.c
@@ -15,15 +15,15 @@
#define MICRO_SECONDS 1000000.0
-VALUE rb_cSystemTimer;
+static VALUE rb_cSystemTimer;
// Ignore most of this for Rubinius
#ifndef RUBINIUS
-sigset_t original_mask;
-sigset_t sigalarm_mask;
-struct sigaction original_signal_handler;
-struct itimerval original_timer_interval;
+static sigset_t original_mask;
+static sigset_t sigalarm_mask;
+static struct sigaction original_signal_handler;
+static struct itimerval original_timer_interval;
static int debug_enabled = 0;
static void clear_pending_sigalrm_for_ruby_threads();

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