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Open source search binary tree and bi-dimensional tree.
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Search-tree - Open source search binary tree and bi-dimensional tree.

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Search tree is an open-source binary and bi-dimensional tree gem for ruby. For more information about why and how it was done visit my article in Medium.

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Table of Contents

Install and Usage

Download the gem file and use the following command to install:

gem install search_tree-[version].gem

After installing add

 require 'search_tree'

in your code and you can use its methods.

Available Methods

First, you have to create a new tree using the BinaryTree class, as for example below:

t =

In the initialize method the root variable is defined as nil.

New node

new_node(node, x, *args)

This method is used to create a new node in the tree. It receives the node where the search begins, x as the search parameter and the pointer args that will receive all the other arguments added to the node.


search(x, node = @root)

Returns true if, starting at the passed node, it finds a node with the search parameter x and false if it finds a nil.

Search node

search_node(x, node = @root)

Like the previus one but instead of returning true or false returns the pointer to the node with search parameter x or nil.

Edit node

edit_node(x, *args)

Locate the node with search parameter x and changer its arguments for the ones in args, if this node existis.

Delete node


Delete the node with the dearch parameter x, if exists.

Print tree

print_tree(node = @root)

Print the tree, or sub-tree starting at the passed node, in crescent search parameter order.

Number of nodes

number_nodes(node = @root)

Return the number of nodes in the tree, or sub-tree starting at the passed node.

Get depth

get_depth(node = @root, depth = 1, maxdepth = 0)

Return the depth of the tree, or sub-tree starting at the passed node. The depth and maxdepth are used as helpers inside the method.

Is balanced


Return true if the number of nodes is smaller than 2 ^ (depth - 1) and bigger than 2 ^ depth and false otherwise.



Balance the tree unless is_balanced? returns true.

Get nodes

get_nodes(nodes, node = @root)

Return the array nodes with all the nodes in the crescent search parameter order in the tree or sub-tree starting at the passed node. Used to balance the tree.

New balance nodes

new_balance_nodes(nodes, newroot = @root)

Used to create a new node with the array nodes received in the get_nodes method.

New node balanced

new_node_balanced(node, x, *args)

Create a new node and balance the tree.

Load file


Create a tree with the data inside a file. The search parameter will always be a string.

Save file


Create a file with the data in the tree.

Author and Contribution

Add me at linkedin, send me an [email][], visit my twitter, medium and portfolio.

Feel free to contribute with pull requests but, for major changes, please open an issue first.


Coming soon

Future works

Already started a load file and a save file methods.

Have a big ambition to create the bi-dimensional tree. I will do it in the next days.

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