Phalcon Framework documentation
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Phalcon Framework Documentation


This is the repository for the Phalcon documentation. Our documentation is hosted on Read The Docs which is automatically updated when any changes are made to this repository.

You are welcome to fork this repository and add, correct or enhance the documentation yourselves.

The documentation is written using reStructuredText and is currently available in 11 different languages:

If you would like to translate the Phalcon Docs into your language, you'll need to find out your language's ISO 639-1 code. For example, to create Vietnamese (vi), run the following command:

php cli.php language create vi


The API is automatically generated from the C source code using the following command (replace /home/sid/cphalcon/ext/ with the appropriate value):

php cli.php api generate /home/sid/cphalcon/ext/

If you find an error or want to improve it, please send a pull request: