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Phalcon Framework

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Phalcon is an open source web framework delivered as a C extension for the PHP language providing high performance and lower resource consumption.

A big thank you to our Backers; you rock!

Get Started

Phalcon is written in Zephir/C with platform independence in mind. As a result, Phalcon is available on Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS. You can either download a binary package for the system of your choice or build it from source.


To install Phalcon on Windows:

  1. Download Phalcon for Windows
  2. Extract the DLL file and copy it to your PHP extensions directory
  3. Edit your php.ini file and add this line:

  4. Finally, restart your web server

Hint: To ensure that your Phalcon installation was successful, debug with

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and search for a section mentioning the Phalcon extension.


On a Unix-based platform you can easily compile and install the extension from sources.


Prerequisite packages are:

  • PHP 5.5.x/5.6.x/7.0.x development resources (PHP 5.3 and 5.4 are no longer supported)
  • GCC compiler (Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD) or Xcode (MacOS)
  • re2c >= 0.13


sudo apt-get install php5-dev libpcre3-dev gcc make


sudo zypper install php5-devel gcc make


sudo yum install php-devel pcre-devel gcc make

General Compilation

Follow these instructions to generate a binary extension for your platform:

git clone git://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon.git
cd cphalcon/build
sudo ./install

Add the extension to your php.ini:


Finally, restart the web server.

Advanced compilation

If you have specific php versions running

git clone https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon
# or cd cphalcon/build/php5/32bits
cd cphalcon/build/php5/64bits

# NOTE: for PHP 7 you have to use 
# cd cphalcon/build/php7/32bits
# or
# cd cphalcon/build/php7/64bits

make clean

# Example: /opt/php-5.6.15
export CUSTOM_PHP_INSTALLATION_PATH=/your/php/installation/path

# Example: /opt/php-5.6.15/bin/phpize --clean

# Example: /opt/php-5.6.15/bin/phpize

# Example: ./configure --with-php-config=/opt/php-5.6.15/bin/php-config
./configure --with-php-config=$CUSTOM_PHP_INSTALLATION_PATH/bin/php-config

make && sudo make install

Edit your php.ini (for the specific version) and add this line:


Save the file and Restart the web server.


Tests are located in tests/ and use Codeception. Test classes should follow the PSR-2 coding style guide.



OSX MAMP ready extensions




External Links

Meet the Incubator

Our community is developing amazing extra features for Phalcon every day via Incubator. There are resources to enhance your experience with the framework and that enlarge the main features.

Just give it a try and help us improve Phalcon even more!


Phalcon is open source software licensed under the New BSD License. See the docs/LICENSE.txt file for more