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Simple site launch checklist checker/validator.
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A simple site launch checklist checker (for the lack of a better name).

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After (or is it before?) launching a new site, you often want to validate it against a checklist and make sure the title is filled, gzip is enabled, robots.txt and sitemap.xml are all there etc. kupo is built to help you with this tedious task. Just key in the site's address, hit ENTER, and it will check for:


As this tool is built on top of Vue and Laravel, your environment must meet their requirements. You'll also need a decent Node version (mine is v9.11.2) and yarn. Now from your command line, execute this bunch of commands:

git clone
cd kupo
composer install
php artisan kupo:init
php artisan serve
// kupo should now have been started at http://localhost:8000/


Depending on your needs, you may want to add more rules into kupo. In order to do so, just follow these certain steps:

  1. Create a new Rule class: php artisan make:rule FunnyBunnyMustBeSeen
  2. Open app\Rules\FunnyBunnyMustBeSeen.php and fill the class with your logic. Basically, you'll need to make sure check() returns a truthy/falsy value, indicating if the rule passes/fails. Other methods should be self-explanatory.
  3. Now add App\Rules\FunnyBunnyMustBeSeen::class to the array found in config/customRules.php
  4. That should be it!


If you feel like a certain rule should be added, please contribute! Just fork and follow the same steps as described in the above "Extend" section, except the file in step 3 should be config/rules.php instead. Create a passing test, make a PR, and I'll be more than happy to consider. Of course, bug fixes and any other kind of contributions are welcome, too!


MIT © Phan An

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