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a little helper support to queries by mongoDB aggregate more easily
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  • active_aggregate is a little helper support to queries by mongoDB aggregate more easily.
  • A toolkit for building queries like ActiveRelation. Rich support for more flexible merge conditions, states

Getting started

gem install active_aggregate


  • mongoid >= 5.0.1


# models/user.rb
class User
  include Mongoid::Document

  belongs_to :school
  belongs_to :branch

  scope :active, -> { where(status: :active) }
  scope :by_status, ->(status) { where(status: status) }

class Query
  include ActiveAggregate::Concern

class UserQuery < Query
  define_for User

  # you can use `` instead of ``
  scope :load_active_user_names, criteria:,
        project: {
          id: '$_id',
          name: {
            '$concat': [
              ' ',

  scope :not_deleted, criteria: User.where(deleted_at: nil)
  scope :load_user_ids,
        ->(status:, school_id_branch_ids:) do
          where(status: status).pipeline(
            '$match': {
              'school_id_branch_id': {
                '$in': school_id_branch_ids,

          # it avaiable to use like
          # query_criteria(User.by_status(status)).pipeline([
          #   '$match': {
          #     'school_id_branch_id': {
          #       '$in': school_id_branch_ids,
          #     }
          #   }
          # ])

        project: {
          id: '$_id',
          school_id_branch_id: {
            '$concatArrays': [

# another way
# class Query
#   include ActiveAggregate::Concern

#   # On children class it will remove [suffix] at end of class name to get model name then you can skip call define_for each all of Query class
#   # [suffix] have default value is Query
#   with_suffix
#   # with_suffix suffix: :Query
# end

# class UserQuery < Query
# end

UserQuery.not_deleted.load_user_ids.where( => Time.current)
  • scope support define for:
    • criteria: as Mongoid::Criteria it will place at first of pipeline if given, by default it is default scope
    • group: as object, can be merge throw all queries.
    • project: as object, will be replace throw merge ActiveAggregate::Relation
    • sort, limit: as object, will be replace throw merge ActiveAggregate::Relation.
    • pipeline: as Array will place end of pre-pipeline if given, merge with previous pipeline by concat 2 array scope will generate pipeline to use with aggregate with states order by:
  • State 1 is $match usecriteria selector if selector present
  • state 2 is $group if group given
  • state 3 is $project if project given
  • state 3 is $limit if limit given
  • pipeline will be place from here
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