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Phaser Webpack Template

This is a Phaser 3 project template that uses webpack for bundling. It supports hot-reloading for quick development workflow and includes scripts to generate production-ready builds.

This Template is also available as a TypeScript version.


This template has been updated for:



Node.js is required to install dependencies and run scripts via npm.

Available Commands

Command Description
npm install Install project dependencies
npm run dev Launch a development web server
npm run build Create a production build in the dist folder

Writing Code

After cloning the repo, run npm install from your project directory. Then, you can start the local development server by running npm run dev.

The local development server runs on http://localhost:8080 by default. Please see the webpack documentation if you wish to change this, or add SSL support.

Once the server is running you can edit any of the files in the src folder. Webpack will automatically recompile your code and then reload the browser.

Template Project Structure

We have provided a default project structure to get you started. This is as follows:

  • index.html - A basic HTML page to contain the game.
  • src - Contains the game source code.
  • src/main.js - The main entry point. This contains the game configuration and starts the game.
  • src/scenes/ - The Phaser Scenes are in this folder.
  • public/style.css - Some simple CSS rules to help with page layout.
  • public/assets - Contains the static assets used by the game.

Handling Assets

Webpack supports loading assets via JavaScript module import statements.

This template provides support for both embedding assets and also loading them from a static folder. To embed an asset, you can import it at the top of the JavaScript file you are using it in:

import logoImg from './assets/logo.png'

To load static files such as audio files, videos, etc place them into the public/assets folder. Then you can use this path in the Loader calls within Phaser:

preload ()
    //  This is an example of an imported bundled image.
    //  Remember to import it at the top of this file
    this.load.image('logo', logoImg);

    //  This is an example of loading a static image
    //  from the public/assets folder:
    this.load.image('background', 'assets/bg.png');

When you issue the npm run build command, all static assets are automatically copied to the dist/assets folder.

Deploying to Production

After you run the npm run build command, your code will be built into a single bundle and saved to the dist folder, along with any other assets your project imported, or stored in the public assets folder.

In order to deploy your game, you will need to upload all of the contents of the dist folder to a public facing web server.

Customizing the Template


You can write modern ES6+ JavaScript and Babel will transpile it to a version of JavaScript that you want your project to support. The targeted browsers are set in the .babelrc file and the default currently targets all browsers with total usage over "0.25%" but excludes IE11 and Opera Mini.

"browsers": [
 "not ie 11",
 "not op_mini all"


If you want to customize your build, such as adding a new webpack loader or plugin (i.e. for loading CSS or fonts), you can modify the webpack/config.js file for cross-project changes, or you can modify and/or create new configuration files and target them in specific npm tasks inside of package.json. Please see the Webpack documentation for more information.

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