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Math textbook. Trial for social textbook writing.
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You get the book pdf from here.

Math textbook

I would like to write this math textbook by social coding Github. It will be written in English and Japanese. I will also write numerical computation, animation, or simulation codes by some computer languages.

At first, the content is mainly from manuscripts of my seminars for students in department of mathematics or physics.

I start programming. In programmers' community, OSS softwares or social coding using Github is very popular. I want to introduce this to mathematics and physics, especially writing textbooks!

I want to gather our knowledge. There are many mathematics books written by physicists or engineers, and physics books written by engineers or mathematicians. Each is written in their own interest.

I hear that a mathematician (teacher) said, ``professors of the department of engineering tell me I hope your lecture and the content will be engineering students friendly. But I do not understand their interest. I want to write books I can understand!"

OK, I will do it. I studied physics in my bachelor days and studied mathematics in my master days. So I will be ``human sacrifice" for this difficult, but very interesitng and exciting project.

There are many many good books, but they are systematic and ``boring" sometimes. I want to fill the gaps: I want to write applicative contents in physics, engineering or mathematics itself, and connections among many branches.

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