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Recent changes

0.3.4 16th Oct 2013

  • Update a lot of grunt dependencies

0.3.3 29th Sept 2013

  • Fix handlebars not loading through AMD

0.3.2 28th Sept 2013

  • Tweak sample tests with sinon.sandbox
  • Bugfix: Grunt watcher for test directory

0.3.1 28th Sept 2013

  • Update to new bower and update components

0.3.0 4th May 2013

  • Update node version assets to 0.0.8 for some nice bugfixes
  • Update travis to use node 0.10

0.2.6 31st Mar 2013

  • Update package.json to use grunt 0.4.1 for node 0.10.x

0.2.5 21st Mar 2013

  • Upgrade Backbone to v 1.0.0.

0.2.4 1st Mar 2013

0.2.3 26th Feb 2013

  • Add less compile step
  • Add boostrap from bower

0.2.2 7th Feb 2013

  • Include typeOf() and is() helpers for more reliable type checking.

0.2.1 31st Jan 2013

  • Use Bower for package management

0.2.0 31st Jan 2013

  • Move index.html to root, makes it easier to use Backbone stack with other server side setups.
  • Rename public/ to assets/ to make more sense.
  • Rename tests/ to test/ as it seems more conventional.
  • Update Grunt to the latest version.

0.1.1 30th Jan 2013

  • Make templates wrapped with Handlebars.template by default.

0.1.0 - 22nd Jan 2013

  • Added Happen for testing UI events like clicks in detatched DOM nodes.
  • Now using grunt-handlebars to precompile the templates before requireJS even gets near them, this allows for better testing of views in unit tests.
  • Swapped out Handlebars full library for Handlebars.runtime.

0.0.alpha - 15th Jan 2013

  • Switch to using AMD compliant versions of Backbone and Underscore from amdjs
  • Add Almond for more lightweight build script and no need to inclide require.js in output.
  • Updated jQuery to 1.9

0.0.alpha - 10th Jan 2013

  • Added headless unit testing with command line output with phantomjs and grunt-mocha.
  • Added .travis.yml file for travis-ci testing support
  • Added new grunt tasks for test and build
  • Easy to setup git pre-commit hook to test and build.
  • Inserted my JSHint settings to Gruntfile, all with comments so you can easily tweak, or view the JSHint docs for more.

0.0.alpha - 4th Jan 2013

  • Added grunt to build and watch the JS
  • Stopped using require JS without the build step, even for development.
  • Now using the excellent HBS require plugin to always precompile the handlebars templates.
  • Updated to latest version of all the plugins: jQuery 1.8.3, Backbone 0.9.9, underscore 1.4.3 etc.
  • Now using chai's expect() style assertions, from doing a lot of testing expect seems to work better and given better output as it can never be chained in with undefined variables like should().