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The Haskell Netlist Repository

1 Overview

This repository holds 4 Haskell packages:

  • netlist - An abstract syntax tree (AST) for a very simple hardware description language (HDL) that corresponds to a limited subset of VHDL and Verilog.
  • verilog - An AST, parser, and pretty-printer for Verilog.
  • netlist-to-verilog - A translator from the netlist AST to Verilog AST.
  • netlist-to-vhdl - A translator from the netlist AST to VHDL concrete syntax.

Once these packages are released on Hackage, links to their packages will appear here.

There are 3 forks of the repository on github, pheaver, garrinkimmell, and andygill.

2 Installation

2.1 Install from Hackage

This is not yet possible. Once these packages are released on Hackage, they can be installed like this:

cabal install netlist
cabal install netlist-to-vhdl
cabal install verilog
cabal install netlist-to-verilog

2.2 Install from git repository

Clone one of the aforementioned repositories. For example:

git clone git://

Change directories into the new repository:

cd netlist-verilog

Then, you can install each package like so:

(cd netlist && cabal install)
(cd netlist-to-vhdl && cabal install)
(cd verilog && cabal install)
(cd netlist-to-verilog && cabal install)

3 Todo

  • Release netlist and netlist-to-vhdl packages on hackage.
  • Finish haddock documentation for verilog and netlist-to-verilog, release packages on hackage.