Scenery is an HTML5 scene graph.
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Scenery is an HTML5 scene graph.

By PhET Interactive Simulations


This is under active prototyping, so please expect any sort of API to change. Comments at this stage are very welcome. A tentative website is up for browsing documentation and examples in a more user-friendly way.

Grunt is used to build the source ("npm update -g grunt-cli", "npm update" and "grunt" at the top level should build into build/). Node.js is required for this process.

Currently, you can also grab the unminified scenery.js or minified version scenery-min.js. They are currently not versioned due to the accelerated development speed, but will be more stable soon. A development version will be available soon that has assertions enabled.

Documentation of Scenery is available at:


For testing purposes, the following are currently being worked on:

The PhET Development Overview is the most complete guide to PhET Simulation Development. This guide includes how to obtain simulation code and its dependencies, notes about architecture & design, how to test and build the sims, as well as other important information.


See the license