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Releases: phhusson/treble_experimentations

AOSP 12.1 v416

09 Nov 16:53
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Still July security patch

  • Fixes fingerprint enrolling crashing on gapps variant (only for 64bits, sorry, 32bits will still need to disable Android Setup app after setup wizard)
  • Fixes the huge memory leak that made reboot necessary every few days

AOSP 12.1 v415

17 Jul 01:02
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AOSP 12.1 v415 Pre-release
  • July security patch

AOSP 12.1 v414

10 Jun 07:51
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  • June security patch level
  • Add an option to control under-display fingerprint color
  • Fix 1s transition time (Thanks @haridhayal11 )
  • Fix in-call audio fails after some time
    and others

AOSP 12.1 v413

03 May 08:38
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  • May security patch level
  • Fix fingerprint enrolling on some Samsung devices (Notably A53 and S22)
  • [Samsung settings] Control flashlight intensity
  • Fix OTA for some devices (see #2289 )
  • Switch fingerprint-on-display to white, since some devices require it

AOSP 12.1 v412

06 Apr 10:56
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  • Make "disable A2DP offload" more robust and work on more devices (fixes A2DP on Galaxy S22)
  • Upgrade to April Security Patch Level
  • Fix fingerprint (detection & cleanup) for some devices
  • Disable Samsung recovery override
  • Possibly fix audio for some cases
  • Fix vibrator on Xiaomi Android 12 vendors

AOSP 12.1 v411

21 Mar 09:31
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AOSP 12.1 v411 Pre-release
  • Fixes boot on some devices (notably Mediatek but probably others as well)
  • Fixes gapps variant' launcher
  • Fixes floss' variant webview
  • Fix setup wizard on gapps variant
  • Fix fingerprint on some oplus devices (Thanks @pjgowtham)

AOSP 12.1 v410

09 Mar 00:04
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AOSP 12.1 v410 Pre-release
  • Android 12.1. This is considered a pre-release because it's the first Android 12.1 build. As such, it won't be available as OTA.
    - Warning: gapps variant has broken Launcher, you'll need to install one manually
  • March security patch
  • Fix touchscreen on some Samsung devices
  • Fix audio on Moto One Fusion+ (Thanks @ksdrar)
  • Disable fingerprint gestures on LG Stylo 7 (Thanks @CHIDILights)
  • Disable fingerprint gestures on Doogee S88 Pro
  • Map camera/focus buttons on all Sony devices
  • Fix setup wizard in arm32_binder64 gapps
  • Enable Widevine L1 on Xiaomi Pad 5
  • Fix modem on Redmi 9A
  • Fix WPA3 by disabling it
  • Remove christmas boot animation (I'm open to new boot animations!)
  • Fix 120hz/90hz on Xiaomi Civi (thanks @AndyCGYan)
  • Fix under-display fingerprint on Asus Zenfone8
  • Add an option in updater settings to uninstall OTA

AOSP 12.0 v402

08 Feb 20:02
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  • More February security patch level (previous one had only some patches, not all)
  • Available as OTA from v401 in Treble Settings => Updater

AOSP 12.0 v401

08 Feb 10:03
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  • @ponces and I spent sleep-less nights on it, but here we are, we now have OTA \o/ (only on dynamic partition devices)
  • February Security Patch Level
  • Workaround an issue on some Samsung devices where touchscreen would be dead on resume
  • Automatically enable debug.sf.latch_unsignaled=1 on devices reporting that in vendor prop -- Should improve graphical perf on some devices
  • Fix in-call BT voice on Moto One Vision
  • Fix boot on Snapdragon 8 gen 1/Android 12 vendors/audio hal 7.0
  • Enable WV L1 in Netflix on Mi 11 Lite 5G (Thanks @pessip)
  • Add an option in treble settings to restart SystemUI (currently requires root), useful when you change resolution (Thanks @AndyCGYan )
  • Add support for Huawei IMS (Thanks @Iceows)
  • Allow volume buttons to control volume of remote devices (thanks @ponces )

AOSP 12.0 v400.h

14 Jan 18:44
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AOSP 12.0 v400.h Pre-release
  • January Security Patch Level (YES AGAIN)
  • Fix boot regression on some devices (notably Samsung ones)