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Text input boxes within web pages and the address input box of the browser GUI (Ctrl-L) steal focus and there is no way to return to "command-mode" scrolling, etc. It would be nice to be able to use Ctrl-C or Esc to escape from "insert mode".

To reproduce:

  1. Go to, tab to the search query input box, start typing a query. No way to escape the query input box to scroll through the search results.
  2. Type Ctrl-L to enter a URL (is there any other vim-like way to do this?). No way to navigate the loaded page with keys.

I am using chromium-browser 6.0.472.62 (59676) Ubuntu 10.04

jb55 commented Oct 8, 2010

I usually just end up pressing tab to get around this

philc commented Oct 9, 2010

Guys, the intended design is to hit "esc" while in insert mode (this includes when you're focused on a textbox) and you will enter command mode. This works for me everywhere including on

The browser's address bar is a different matter, since it's not inside the webpage. Chrome does not give us access to keystrokes while you're typing in the address bar, so for now, there is no way for us to put you in command mode. Hitting tab as jb55 mentioned is a workaround.


I think that it's more subtle than I first reported. Sorry for not giving more pointers on reproducibility. Enter search query on google (Insert mode turns on), press escape (Insert mode disappears), press escape again (Insert mode reappears), and now further presses of escape key do not return to command mode.

philc commented Oct 9, 2010

Ah, ok; I'll reopen this bug for further investigation.

reynir commented Aug 19, 2011

This is a bug in chromium on linux. On Windows (and mac I think) you can press F6 to escape the omnibar, but that's not the case on linux. I have filed a bug report so if this bothers you please tell them there :-)

int3 commented Jan 18, 2012

Both (1) and (2) seem to work for me now. Please reopen if there is still a problem. Thanks!

@int3 int3 closed this Jan 18, 2012
reynir commented Jan 18, 2012

A correction: (2) is the bug only occuring on linux. You can look at the bug report above for more information. My computer broke a week ago so I am not able to test it.

@int3 int3 reopened this Jan 18, 2012
philc commented Feb 13, 2012

#2 is not a bug we can fix, unfortunately. It's outside of the extension's control. We're implementing our own URL bar in in #459 which will mitigate this to some extent.

@philc philc closed this Feb 13, 2012

Though we all understand it's out of vimium's scope, another nice hack is here:, it needs less key strokes and doesn't change the position of page(html).

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