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The following contains a list of links to various HTML, pdf, and zip files with the mirt package, often generated using R markdown via the knitr package and hosted on Github. This wiki is intended as an extension to the mirt JSS publication (Chalmers, R. P. (2012). mirt: A Multidimensional Item Response Theory Package for the R Environment. Journal of Statistical Software, 48, 1-29), which is now largely out of date --- though I nevertheless appreciate the citations whenever the package is used.

Recent workshop files

2015 Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland

mirt HTML function help files

Use this index to navigate the evaluated help files.

Additional Examples

mirt examples adapted from the sirt package (many of these are now available natively with the mdirt() function)

User contributions

If you would like to contribute additional examples to the collection then feel free to send along your source file (.Rmd) to and I'll add it to the appropriate package locations on Github.

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