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A utility for resolving Twitter avatar URLs from their Twitter handles, built on the JAMstack
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Netlify Status

An API to grab Twitter avatars with just their twitter handle. Built as a JAMstack site and served on Netlify, with a sprinkling of serverless functions via Netlify Functions


// get the URL for the avatar of any twitter user by requesting:{small|large}/{handle}

// for example

One of your very own

Hopefully, this little utility is already useful, but you can also get your own version to deploy and experiment with. It is a useful example for getting started with Netlify Functions


To get your own instance of this example site up and running on Netlify very quickly, just click the button below and follow the instructions.

Deploy to Netlify

Wait, what happens when I click that button?

Good question. Here's what it will do...

  1. Netlify will clone the git repository of this project into your Github account. It will be asking for permission to add the repo for you.
  2. We'll create a new site for you in Netlify, and configure it to use your shiny new repo. Right away you'll be able to deploy changes simply by pushing changes to your repo.
  3. That's it really.
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