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Slides and demos from talks I've given at various conferences and meetups.

Date Conference Talk
June 1, 2018 CSSconf EU Container Queries: The Past, Future, and How You Can Actually Even Use Them Today [video, article, demos]
June 15, 2017 CSS Day Houdini & Polyfilling CSS [video, slides/demos]
May 18, 2017 Google I/O Leveraging the Performance Metrics that Most Affect User Experience [video, article]
December 2, 2016 dotCSS The Dark Side of Polyfilling CSS [video, article, slides/demos]
November 19, 2015 Google Developer Experts Summit Google Analytics for Web Developers [slides/demos]
October 26, 2015 CSSDevConf Web Components and the future of Modular CSS [video, slides/demos]
November 24, 2014 SFHTML5 Web Components and the future of CSS [video, slides/demos]
October 21, 2014 HTML5DevConf How Web Components will change CSS best practices [slides/demos]