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Philly CocoaHeads Website

The following site is still in development.

This repo is the source for the Philly CocoaHeads website, hosted at: <>. The site is built using the static site generator Hugo, hosted on Amazon S3 and deployed using CircleCI.

Current development staging is at:

How to Contribute

If you spot a typo, other bug or want to work towards an existing issue, please fork the repo and do a pull request.

If you have a new idea, we'd ask you make a GitHub issue so the idea can be discussed before serious work is started.

Once changes are merged into master our CI system will auto deploy the site.

Working with Hugo

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. The easiest way to get Hugo is through Homebrew.

brew update
brew install hugo

Then from the command line, to launch a local server use:

hugo server --theme=phillycocoaheadtheme --buildDrafts

Afterwords, point your browser at http://localhost:1313/ and you'll see our site. The site should Live Reload as you make content changes.

Hugo has some great documentation but I'll try to cover the basics here.

To make a new page or blog post, just duplicate one of the current files. Be sure the front matter (the metadata at the top) is up to date and accurate.

While there is a command line for hugo to make new pages or blog post we have not built those tools into our custom template yet.

For example pages usually have a type and title:

type: page
title: About

The type helps identify how the content should be rendered and the title will be the title used for the HTML title tag.

For blog posts there is a date (should not be a future date) and draft flag.

If you need to add images, look to the /static/ folder. Those files will be posted to the root of the site and you can assume your image will live at: /images/hello.png.


The Philly CocoaHeads Website, powered using Hugo.







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