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Ruby Quick Test

Run your TestUnit, RSpec and Cucumber ruby test files from within Atom. Inspired by Sublime Test Ruby-Test.

Ruby Quick Test screenshot


Use the Atom package manager, which can be found in the Settings view or run apm install ruby-quick-test from the command line.


Ruby Quick Test can be used to quickly run a test file with a file name that matches the pattern /_(test|spec)\.rb$/ or /.(feature)$/. Test files ending in _test.rb will be run using the ruby command, files ending _spec.rb will be run with the rspec command and files ending .feature will be run with the cucumber command.

When the active editor is using such a file, you can run the tests with the key combination cmd-ctrl-t or by using the command palette (cmd-shift-p).

This currently doesn't cover MiniTest::Spec style files, but support is planned for those soon.


  • cmd-ctrl-t - Run the current test file
  • cmd-ctrl-e - Re-run the previous test file
  • cmd-ctrl-x - Show/hide the test panel


  • Tests!
  • MiniTest::Spec support
  • Support for running individual tests
  • Run the entire test suite using rake test, rake spec or rake cucumber
  • Issues/pull requests welcome