Work with CodeIgniter over the command line with handy prompts, clear screen, etc.
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Interact with the command line by accepting input options, parameters and output text.


This library was originally written in 2009 and was... alright. Now it has been totally rewritten based on the FuelPHP CLI library I wrote, which was based on this. MADNESS!


  • CodeIgniter 2.0.x


// Output "Hello World" to the CLI
$this->cli->write('Hello World!');

// Waits for any key press

// Takes any input
$color = $this->cli->prompt('What is your favorite color?');

// Takes any input, but offers default
$color = $this->cli->prompt('What is your favorite color?', 'white');

// Will only accept the options in the array
$ready = $this->cli->prompt('Are you ready?', array('y','n'));

$this->cli->wait(5, true);