cryptographic library for ed25519 and curve25519
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This is a small cryptographic library for signatures with ed25519 and diffie-hellman key exchange with x25519.

My goal is to give a fast, but still readable, C implemantation of these two crypto primitives without any complex framework. (If you need a full and easy to use framework with symmetric cipher and MAC included, please have a look at libnacl or libsodium which are both great.)

If you need just ed25519-signatures or x25519-key-exchange with a simple API, however, libeddsa may be for you: It is small (under 90kb) and quite fast.


  • written in C
  • fast and small
  • cmake build system
  • protection against timing attacks as far as possible in C
  • static and dynamic link support
  • easy to use (see below)
  • public domain license