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Installs the denyhosts package from ( Currently only targeting Ubuntu platform. It's not complicated and would work on other platforms, but that can come later.


Supported Platforms

The following platforms are supported by this cookbook, meaning that the recipes run on these platforms without error:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • RedHat
  • CentOS


It is recommended to use a version of Chef >= 10.16.4 as that is the target of my usage and testing, though this should work with most recent versions.


This cookbook should work on Ruby 1.8.7+ but Ruby 1.9+ is preferred. This cookbook is tested against:

  • 1.8.7
  • 1.9.2
  • 1.9.3


This cookbook installs the Denyhosts components if not present, and pulls updates if they are installed on the system.


default["denyhosts"]["allowed_hosts"] = []  # Hostnames that will always be allowed to connect.

default["denyhosts"]["config"]["admin_email"]     = "root@localhost"  # Email address that will receive notifications.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_host"]       = "localhost"  # SMTP server hostname to use for outgoing mail.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_port"]       = "25"  # SMTP server port number to use for outgoing mail.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_from"]       = "denyhosts@localhost"  # Email address that will be used to send outgoing mail.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_subject"]    = "DenyHosts Report" # Email subject
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_username"]   = nil # SMTP username for authentication (if any)
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_password"]   = nil # SMTP password for authentication (if any)
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["smtp_date_format"] = "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z" # Optional custom date format for outgoing mail.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["work_dir"]        = "/var/lib/denyhosts"  # Working dir for denyhosts daemon.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["purge_deny"]      = nil  # The time after which a denial should be removed.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["purge_threshold"] = 0  # The number of times after which a denial becomes permanent.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["secure_log"]      = case node['platform_family']  # The log file that contains sshd logging info.
                                                    when "rhel", "fedora"
                                                    when "freebsd", "openbsd"
                                                    when "suse"
                                                    when "mac_os_x"
                                                    when "debian"
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["lock_file"]       = case node['platform_family']  # The pid file for the denyhosts daemon.
                                                  when "rhel", "fedora"
                                                  when "debian"

default["denyhosts"]["config"]["hosts_deny"] = "/etc/hosts.deny" # Your system's restricted access file
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["block_service"] = "ALL" # Which services to block - see `man 5 hosts_access`
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["deny_threshold_invalid"] = 3 # Block host after X tries on an invalid user.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["deny_threshold_valid"] = 10 # Block host after X tries on a valid user.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["deny_threshold_root"] = 1 # Block host after X tries on the root user
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["deny_threshold_restricted"] = 1 # Block host after X tries on users defined as restricted.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["suspicious_login_report_allowed_hosts"] = "YES" # Report suspsicions logins from allowed hosts?
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["hostname_lookup"] = "YES" # Perform hostname lookup
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["syslog_report"] = "NO" # Send a log line to syslog?
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["allowed_hosts_hostname_lookup"] = "NO" # Look up hostnames in allowed-hosts file?
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["age_reset_valid"] = "5d" # Reset failed login count after X time
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["age_reset_root"] = "25d" # Reset failed login count after X time
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["age_reset_restricted"] = "25d" # Reset failed login count after X time
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["age_reset_invalid"] = "10d" # Reset failed login count after X time
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["reset_on_success"] = "NO" # Reset failed login count after successful login?
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["plugin_deny"] = "/usr/bin/true" # File to execute when a host is denied
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["plugin_purge"] = "/usr/bin/true" # File to execute when a host is purged
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["userdef_failed_entry_regex"] = nil # Optional additional custom REGEX matcher for failed logins.
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["daemon_log"] = "/var/log/denyhosts" # Log file for daemon
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["daemon_log_time_format"] = "%b %d %I:%M:%S" # Time format for daemon log file
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["daemon_sleep"] = "30s" # Sleep interval for daemon log polling
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["daemon_purge"] = "1h" # How often the daemon should run the purge routine
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["sync_server"] = "" # DenyHosts sync server to use (set to enable)
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["sync_interval"] = "1h" # How often to speak to sync server, if enabled
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["sync_upload"] = "YES" # Share your DenyHosts data?
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["sync_download"] = "YES" # Use public DenyHosts data?
default["denyhosts"]["config"]["sync_download_threshold"] = 3 # When sync is enabled, X hosts must blacklist before you blacklist


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


Many thanks go to the following contributors who have helped to make this cookbook even better:

  • @dwradcliffe
    • add attribute for secure log location
    • restart service when config changes
    • add attribute for lock file
    • add work_dir attribute and ensure the working dir exists
  • @dougbarth
    • expose purge settings as attributes
  • @evan2645
    • remove denyhosts.conf template in favor of a config hash



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