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Fast image filters for Browsers with WebGL support
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Fast image filters for Browsers with WebGL support

MIT License


Construct a chain of image filters and apply them to an Image or Canvas element. All filters are executed by WebGL Shaders which makes them pretty fast.

Please also have a look at the excellent glfx.js by @evanw.


// Synopsis: create the filter object, add filters to it and apply
// it to an image

// Example:
try {
	var filter = new WebGLImageFilter();
catch( err ) {
	// Handle browsers that don't support WebGL

filter.addFilter('hue', 180);
filter.addFilter('blur', 7);
var filteredImage = filter.apply(inputImage);

// The 'filteredImage' is a canvas element. You can draw it on a 2D canvas
// or just add it to your DOM

// Use .reset() to clear the current filter chain. This is faster than creating a new
// WebGLImageFilter instance


Main filters

  • colorMatrix( matrix ) apply a the 5x5 color matrix (Array[20]), similar to Flash's ColorMatrixFilter
  • convolution( matrix ) apply a 3x3 convolution matrix (Array[9])
  • blur( size ) blur with size in pixels

Presets using the main filters

  • brightness( amount ) change brightness. 1 increases the it two fold, -1 halfes it
  • saturation( amount ) change saturation. 1 increases the it two fold, -1 halfes it
  • contrast( amount ) change contrast. 1 increases the it two fold, -1 halfes it
  • negative() invert colors
  • hue( rotation ) rotate the hue, values are 0-360
  • desaturate() desaturate the image by all channels equally
  • desaturateLuminance() desaturate the image taking the natural luminace of each channel into acocunt
  • sepia() sepia colors
  • brownie() vintage colors
  • vintagePinhole() vintage colors
  • kodachrome() vintage colors
  • technicolor() vintage colors
  • detectEdges() detect edges
  • sobelX() detect edges using a horizontal sobel operator
  • sobelY() detect edges using a vertical sobel operator
  • sharpen( amount ) sharpen
  • emboss( size ) emboss effect with size in pixels
  • polaroid() polaroid camera effect
  • shiftToBGR() shift colors from RGB to BGR
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