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Q1K3 - A JS13k GAME

My entry for the 2021 js13k competition.

Play here:

Making Of:


  • Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Attack: Left Mouse Button
  • Jump: Space or Right Mouse Button
  • Switch Weapon: Q/E or Mousewheel


  • 2 Levels
  • 5 Types of enemies
  • 3 Weapons
  • 30 different textures
  • Music from Andy Lösch: no-fate
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Doors(!)
  • Somewhat robust collision detection, even for fast moving objects
  • Enemy AI with line of sight checks. No pathfinding, but still does a reasonable job following the player
  • "Spacial" Audio (Stero separation and falloff by distance)
  • Maps build with TrenchBroom
  • A map compiler written in C (used during build)

Libs used


MIT Licensed

Please be aware that this projects makes use of Sonant-X (albeit heavily modified) which is published under the zlib license.