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New Project Checklist

Online Tools:


Focus on four dimensions:

  • Process, focusing on processes from permissions management, code acquisition, deployment, and code integration.
  • People, connecting stakeholders, third-party partners (out-of-organization), collaborative teams (within the organization), team members, and more.
  • Tech, including technical vision, documentation (documents), project code, technology stack, software library management, etc.
  • Business, covering the requirements of business features such as business vision, business needs, and cross-functional requirements.


0. Technology Vision

Description: In terms of technology, what are we pursuing?


  • Path to Production
  • golive and release diary
  • other wikis and documentation
  • Development specification

Description: a good documentation should be versionable.


  • system architecture diagram, such as C4Model mode
  • existing technology stacks and their relationships

3.Code base

  • setup guide.Which is README
  • architecture decision record. in docs/ard directory.
  • editor configuration and code style specification
  • mode and style guide
  • version manager branch pattern. GitFlow or Feature Branch of Master Flow.
  • commit message style. open source library style or business style


  • test strategy.test layered, test pyramid.
  • test automation.

5.Project Evolution

  • Technical risk.Need to spike before project start.
  • future technology stack
  • system evolution plan

6. Security

  • security standard. Is safety more important, or is the experience more important?
  • data encrypt in the code.
  • code security.

7. Quality

  • project quality tracking.
  • visualization of code quality.
  • quality strategy.


0. Project Process

  • Project's Roadmap? Such as project deadline, milestone, plan (with interation plan).
  • features's lifecycle. Such as Story card workflow in agile
  • How to communicate? Such as IM, Email and agile daily standup, remote meeting, Retro, etc.

1.Path to Development

  • development machine and network permission preparation and so on
  • code repositroy permission management
  • editor and related tool application setup

Note: different organizations have their own special situations, such as the opening of PC ports, network permissions, codebase permissions, etc., which require a certain process.

2.Path to Production

  • the process of golive's every step
  • related key people
  • the tools needed for each step
  • the process required for each step. such as quality assurance people & process, and golive process

Note: Path to Production in the code is just a description - [ ] for developers, and here's a more detailed explanation.

3.Path to Roll Off   Note: What do you need when you change a project?



  • Who are you looking for each problem?
  • Team members' technical stack and level
  • How to bring everyone's skill level: Coach, Pairing, Teach
  • Project-independent technology, who can find "entertainment" together?
  • 1 to 1 Meetings


  • Learn about each stakeholder (Level 1). As a developer, most of the time there is no direct communication with stakeholders.
  • Stay in communication with the stakeholders (Level 2). Proper communication can help the project to work better.

3.Cross-team collaboration

  • What are the relevant partners and who are the respective interfaces?
  • Team in same project or organizations.


  • Who is the user? Are we in direct contact with them?
  • Feedback loop. How does a user's feedback become requirements?


0.Business Vision

Explanation: What are we doing, where are we going?


  • Is there a list of requirements that are close to full? At a certain time (such as iterations), the demand should be stable.
  • How does demand go from verbal to to-do list? Is there an irregular problem in the middle?
  • How is the business changed?

2.Cross-functional requirements

  • Operational quality. Quality observed during system operation, such as security and ease of use
  • Evolution quality. Software system structure and quality related to the development process, such as software testability, maintainability, scalability, scalability, etc.



  • Process,关注于从权限管理、获取代码、部署上线、代码集成等的流程。
  • People,连接利益相关者、第三方合作伙伴(组织外)、协作团队(组织内)、团队成员等相关的人。
  • Tech,包含了技术远景、文档(文档即代码)、项目代码、技术栈、软件库管理等。
  • Business,涵盖了业务远景、业务需求、跨功能需求等业务相关功能的需求。


0. 技术远景


1. 文档

  • Path to Production
  • 上线及发布日记
  • 项目相关的 wiki 和文档记录
  • 开发规范


2. 架构

  • 系统相关的架构图,如 C4Model 方式描述
  • 现有的技术栈及其关系

3. 代码库

  • 搭建指南。即 README
  • 架构决策记录。放置在代码库的 docs/adr 目录中。
  • 编辑器配置和代码风格规范。
  • 模式和风格指南。
  • 分支管理模式。GitFlow 或者 master,或者 Feature Branch。
  • 代码提交风格。业务风格或者是开源软件风格?

4. 测试

  • 测试策略。测试层级, 测试金字塔。
  • 自动化测试。

5. 项目演进

  • 技术风险点。即需要提前 spike 调研的内容
  • 未来的技术栈
  • 系统的演进方案

6. 安全

  • 安全标准。安全更重要,还是体验更重要?
  • 代码中的数据加密。
  • 代码安全。

7. 质量

  • 项目质量跟踪。
  • 代码质量可视化。
  • 应用质量策略。


0. Project Process

  • 项目的 Roadmap?项目 Deadline,关键时间节点,项目规划等。
  • 项目功能的生命周期。如敏捷中的故事卡工作流
  • 沟通方式?如 IM,邮件,还有敏捷的每日站会,远程会议,Retro 等

1. Path to Development

  • 开发机申请及网络等权限准备
  • 代码库权限管理
  • 编辑器和相关的工具申请

说明:不同的的组织包含自身特别的情况,如 PC 端口、网络权限、代码库权限等的开通都需要一定的流程。

2. Path to Production

  • 上线每一步的流程
  • 相关的关键人
  • 每一步所需要的工具
  • 每一步所需要的流程。如 QA 测试流程,上线流程

说明:代码中的 Path to Production 只是一份说明——针对于开发人员的,而这里的则需要一个更详细的说明。

3. Path to Roll Off



1. 团队成员

  • 非技术问题找谁?
  • 团队成员的技术栈及水平
  • 每个人的技术水平,应该怎么带:Coach(教练式), Pairing(结对式), Teach(教学式)
  • 项目无关的技术,可以找谁一起“娱乐”?
  • 1 to 1 Meetings

2. 利益相关者

  • 了解各个相关者(Level 1)。如作为一个开发人员,大部分时间并不会和利益相关者有直接的沟通。
  • 和相关者保持沟通(Level 2)。适当沟通,可以帮助项目更好地进行。

3. 跨团队协作

  • 相关的合作方有哪些,各自的接口人是谁?
  • 同组织、项目下的其它团队。

4. 用户

  • 用户是谁?我们是否与他们直接接触?
  • 反馈环。一个用户的反馈是如何变成需求的?


0. 业务远景


1. 业务需求

  • 有没有接近全的需求列表。在一定的时间(如迭代内),需求应该是稳定的。
  • 需求是如何从口头到待办列表的?中间是不是存在不规范的问题
  • 业务是如何进行变更的?

2. 跨功能需求

  • 运行质量。在系统运作时观察到的质量,例如保安性及易用性等
  • 演进质量。软件系统结构及开发过程有关的质量,例如软件可测试性、可维护性、可扩展性、可伸缩性(scalability)等


Web based on See web/LICENSE in this directory.

Phodal's Idea

© 2019 A Phodal Huang's Idea. This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.


🥳🥳🥳🥳 a checklist & tool for new project setup for developer. 新项目检查清单及其工具。




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