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CPS1 CPS2 NEOGEO(CD)Emulators for PSP
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NJEmu 2.3.5 is based on NJEmu 2.3.1.

how to use:


X: Cancel

Help: select

HOME(PS): emulator menu

On PSV or PPSSPP,HOME(PS) button can't use,you can delete "SystemButtons.prx"

SELECT+START: emulator menu


Capcom System 1 Emulator


Capcom System 2 Emulator


Neo-Geo MVS/AES Emulator


neogeo Emulator

NJEmu 2.3.5 change log

romset use MAME0.152

font use simhei(CHARSET:GBK)

Japanese command list must use GBK charset,you can use notepad++ convert

fix png format bug

change help to select

change bios menu to R trigger

support multi language

added command hotkey

gamelist to 512

support cheat

added some romset(hack/bootleg)


fix dipswitch

fix Mercs can't use player3

added some hack roms button3

fix Warriors of Fate (bootleg)

fix Huo Feng Huang(Chinese bootleg of Sangokushi II) sound



fix dip menu

fix Jockey Grand Prix

fix King of Gladiator (KOF'97 bootleg)

support 128MB crom cache

support unibios 1.0-3.0 and neogit bios

support m1 decrypt

fix 000-lo.lo length


fix 000-lo.lo length(fix sleep mode)

Thanks to

cheat code: davex

hbl/multi language support: 173210

mame team

and NJ's emulator

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