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:free: :construction_worker: example of how to use heroku cedar stack to run a free application with web, worker and clock processes
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an example project of how to run rails/resque/clockwork for free on heroku.

read the article:

see the app:

resque-web is mounted here:


heroku apps:create freemium-web --stack cedar --remote heroku
git push heroku master

heroku apps:create freemium-worker --stack cedar --remote worker
git push worker master

heroku apps:create freemium-clock --stack cedar --remote clock
git push clock master

heroku scale web=1 --app=freemium-web
heroku scale web=0 worker=1 --app=freemium-worker
heroku scale web=0 clock=1 --app=freemium-clock

heroku addons:add redistogo:nano --app=freemium-web

heroku config:add `heroku config -s --app=freemium-web|grep redis` --app=freemium-worker
heroku config:add `heroku config -s --app=freemium-web|grep redis` --app=freemium-clock
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