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Using Docker

Install Docker and Docker Compose if you haven't already. Then:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

script/in_docker bundle exec rake db:setup

sudo might be required for docker-compose if you run Docker local on Linux.

This creates three Docker containers: web for the application, box for storing rubygems installations and db for the postgres database.

The script/in_docker allows you to run commands inside the Docker container. Examples:

script/in_docker bundle exec rspec spec/requests/labels_spec.rb

Access via http://www.onruby.dev:5000

Local installation

On your machine

Install Postgresql

# install Postgres on Mac OS X
brew install postgresql
# or on Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

# check if it's running
psql postgres # exit with \q

# create user and database
createuser -Ps postgres
rake db:setup

Use script/server to run rails locally, otherwise you need to export the environment options yourself:

bundle --without=production


For working with the whitelabel functionality, you need to add all supported subdomains to your /etc/hosts :    www.onruby.dev hamburg.onruby.dev cologne.onruby.dev saar.onruby.dev    berlin.onruby.dev karlsruhe.onruby.dev leipzig.onruby.dev dresden.onruby.dev    railsgirlshh.onruby.dev bonn.onruby.dev madridrb.onruby.dev munich.onruby.dev

Access via http://www.onruby.dev:5000


You don't need any to setup a new project!

If you want to have some kind of seed, than generate some test-data:

rake data:create

If you are a heroku project admin, you can dump Data from Heroku via Taps Gem:

heroku pg:pull HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_MAROON_URL onruby_development


There are just a couple of steps for your Ruby Usergroup Site to get alive:

  • fork this repo
  • run bundle && bundle exec rake fork:usergroup[MyUsergroup]
  • create pull request
  • lean back and wait :)

If you have a custom domain, you need to setup the CNAME of your domain to point to heroku.

On the admin-site we need to:

  • heroku domains:add xyz.onruby.de [custom.de]
  • create new GitHub app for that domain and add keys via heroku config:add
  • merge the pull
  • deploy to heroku
  • add admin privileges to someone for the new RUG


OnRuby Website

Admin Interface

The app comes with an Typus interface to manage the model data. In order to access the admin stuff, you need to be a registered user with the "admin role". Typus is mounted under /admin of your label, so it's http://hamburg.onruby.de/admin for Hamburg.

Stuff to manage (CRUD)

  • Users
  • Events
    • Materials
  • Locations / Companies (Companies are just special Locations)
  • Topics (Stuff that user can demand/propose)
  • Jobs (The Display on top of the Page)
  • Highlights (Special infos, that you want to display for a short period of time)


"THE (extended) BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42.0815): phoet contributed to this project.

As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me some beers in return.