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#BlackBerry Native Development plugin for Visual Studio

This project is a full-featured package for Visual Studio enabling BlackBerry native (C/C++/Cascades) development. It configures your favorite IDE in few clicks and stays always up-to-date as installed via VS Gallery.

It was once a project owned by BlackBerry itself. However since it was so impressively improved, BlackBerry made an official release Gold 3.0 purely basing on my contribution.

##License All assets in this repository, unless otherwise stated through sub-directory LICENSE or NOTICE files, are subject to the Apache Software License v2.0.

#Key Features

Please visit the Wiki for detailed documentation.

###Supported platforms

  • all known and modern BlackBerry devices (BB10 phones and PlayBook) and simulators
  • integrates inside Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015 including Community Edition
  • works on Windows XP/7/8/10

###Delivered via Visual Studio Gallery There are following releases available for installation:

###New Project and New Project-Item New Project

New Project Item

The easiest and most natural way of starting development for new platform. Templates for new BlackBerry C/C++ projects are already there and waiting for the job to start.

###Automatic MSBuild update Auto MSBuild update

Validates build environment and might suggest updating MSBuild on fresh install, or when plugin gets updated in the future. No manual copying files around!

###GDB Integration GDB

Set a breakpoint, hit F5 and observe, how the application is build, uploaded to the device and stops at requested location. It contains full-blown GDB integration with:

  • breaking at location
  • stepping through the code
  • local variables preview
  • and much more!

###IntelliSense Support IntelliSense

The original headers from active BlackBerry NDK are processed and IntelliSense can serve descriptions to classes and methods, while coding. It works great for C/C++ files, QML is not supported yet.

###QML colorizing Support QML Colorizer

Not leaving QML too far. There is a basic QML colorizer build-in, to mark words as known types, numbers, strings or comments, while coding.

###Device Browsing Support Target Navigator

It's possible to navigate over file system remotely, copying files to/from the device and even kill processes, if developing headless applications or cards.

###Settings Project Options

Global Options

And almost all aspect of the project can be changed or tuned. Also if you dislike Momentics too, you can directly inside Visual Studio:

  • register as BlackBerry developer
  • download latest BlackBerry NDK
  • generate debug tokens and upload them onto devices
  • and more!

Reference materials