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BlackBerry Native Development plugin for Visual Studio

This project is a full-featured package for Visual Studio enabling BlackBerry native (C/C++/Cascades) development. It configures your favorite IDE in few clicks and stays always up-to-date as installed via VS Gallery.

It was once a project owned by BlackBerry itself. However since it was so impressively improved, BlackBerry made an official release Gold 3.0 purely basing on my contribution.


All assets in this repository, unless otherwise stated through sub-directory LICENSE or NOTICE files, are subject to the Apache Software License v2.0.

#Key Features

Please visit the Wiki for detailed documentation.

Supported platforms

  • all known and modern BlackBerry devices (BB10 phones and PlayBook) and simulators
  • integrates inside Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015 including Community Edition
  • works on Windows XP/7/8/10

Delivered via Visual Studio Gallery

There are following releases available for installation:

New Project and New Project-Item

New Project

New Project Item

The easiest and most natural way of starting development for new platform. Templates for new BlackBerry C/C++ projects are already there and waiting for the job to start.

Automatic MSBuild update

Auto MSBuild update

Validates build environment and might suggest updating MSBuild on fresh install, or when plugin gets updated in the future. No manual copying files around!

GDB Integration


Set a breakpoint, hit F5 and observe, how the application is build, uploaded to the device and stops at requested location. It contains full-blown GDB integration with:

  • breaking at location
  • stepping through the code
  • local variables preview
  • and much more!

IntelliSense Support


The original headers from active BlackBerry NDK are processed and IntelliSense can serve descriptions to classes and methods, while coding. It works great for C/C++ files, QML is not supported yet.

QML colorizing Support

QML Colorizer

Not leaving QML too far. There is a basic QML colorizer build-in, to mark words as known types, numbers, strings or comments, while coding.

Device Browsing Support

Target Navigator

It's possible to navigate over file system remotely, copying files to/from the device and even kill processes, if developing headless applications or cards.


Project Options

Global Options

And almost all aspect of the project can be changed or tuned. Also if you dislike Momentics too, you can directly inside Visual Studio:

  • register as BlackBerry developer
  • download latest BlackBerry NDK
  • generate debug tokens and upload them onto devices
  • and more!

Reference materials


Visual Studio Plugin for BlackBerry Native Development






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