PhoneGap Template using React, ES2015, Webpack, and hot module reloading
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React Hot Reloading Template

React.js Cordova / PhoneGap Template with Babel, Webpack and Hot Reloading

Getting Started


To use this template, you'll need Node.js v4 or newer.


To use this as a template, use Cordova 6.0.0+ and create a new project:

cordova create MyAppName --template=phonegap-template-react-hot-loader


phonegap create MyAppName --template react-hot-loader


cd MyAppName
npm install

Run the app in the browser / simulator

Run this to start the development webpack server:

npm start

You can then open the app in your browser by visiting localhost:8080

Open it in the iOS Simulator by running (in another terminal):

cordova platform add ios
npm run ios

Or in the Android emulator with:

cordova platform add android
npm run android

(both of which are just calling cordova run ios and cordova run android)

In this mode, the app will live-reload changes to React components using react-hot-loader and CSS changes using the Webpack CSS loader.

Build the app for production

To build the app without the development hot module reloading server:

npm run build [ -- ios || android]


npm run prepare -- ios
npm run prepare -- android

This will switch your config.xml file to production mode, build the app bundle to /www using Webpack, and run cordova build for you.

After that, the normal Cordova / PhoneGap commands can be used such as phonegap serve, or cordova run ios, etc.


MIT. Copyright (c) 2016 Jed Watson.