App Icon Sizes

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  • 57 px, add as <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="icon.png">, in the <head> of index.html.


  • 57 px, iPhone
  • 72 px, iPad
  • 114 px, iPhone 4 Retina Display
  • 144 px, iPad 3 Retina Display
  • 1024 px, iTunes – Used in iTunes and in the App Store sized down to 175px
  • 29 px, iPhone Settings/Spotlight, iPad Settings – used in these table views. Minor, but still important!
  • 48 px, iPad Spotlight
  • 58 px, iPhone 4 Settings/Spotlight
  • 64 px document icon
  • 320 px document icon

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  • 192px (xxxhdpi)
  • 144px (xxhdpi)
  • 96px (xhdpi)
  • 72px (hdpi)
  • 48px (mdpi)
  • 36px (ldpi)
  • 512x512 pixel - only used in Android Market; resized to various sizes

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  • tablet webworks: 90px
  • BB10: 114px
  • applications for all form factors can accept two images for the icon: a regular icon and a hover icon, which is displayed when the user hovers over the app with the cursor.
  • BlackBerry 6: "For application icons, create an icon file that does not exceed 68-by-68 pixels. This size includes the canvas. Keep the weight of icons inside a 49-by-49 pixels space. Smaller elements can extend beyond this size but icons should not exceed 55-by-55 pixels. If the icon within the canvas exceeds this size, it could be scaled down and upset the line weights and gradients."

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Main Icon

  • 64px

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Windows Phone

Home Screen

  • 62px, small application tile
  • 173px, large application tile
  • 48px, application bar icons

Windows Phone Marketplace

  • 99px, small mobile app icon
  • 173px, large mobile app icon
  • 200px, PC app title icon
  • 480x800px, details page screenshot
  • 1000x800px, panorama background
  • 480x800px, application splash screen

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