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Builds PHP so that multiple versions can be used side by side.
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php-build Build Status

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php-build is a utility for building various versions of PHP for using them side by side with each other. The overall structure is loosly borrowed from Sam Stephenson's ruby-build.


Raise a GitHub issue or join the #php-build channel on Freenode.


Use with phpenv

Locate your phpenv directory:

% ls $HOME/.phpenv

Clone the Git repository into phpenv plugins directory:

% git clone git:// $HOME/.phpenv/plugins/php-build

Now you can use php-build as phpenv plugin, as follows:

% phpenv install <definition>

The built version will be installed into $HOME/.phpenv/versions/<definition>.

Use php-build only

Clone the Git Repository:

% git clone git://

Then go into the extracted/cloned directory and run:

% ./

This installs php-build to the default prefix /usr/local.

To install php-build to an other location than /usr/local set the PREFIX environment variable:

% PREFIX=$HOME/local ./

If you don't have permissions to write to the prefix, then you have to run as superuser, either via su -c or via sudo.


For contributing instructions see Development is also discussed on the IRC channel #php-build on Freenode and on the php-build developers Google Group.

All contributions will be reviewed and merged by the core team, consisting of:


v0.10.0, 2013/06/14

  • Add rbenv-install for phpenv (hnw)
  • Add 5.5.0alpha3, 5.5.0alpha4, 5.5.0alpha5, 5.5.0alpha6, 5.5.0beta1, 5.5.0beta2, 5.5.0beta3, 5.5.0beta4 5.5.0RC1, 5.5.0RC2, 5.5.0RC3 (loicfrering, CHH)
  • Add 5.3.20, 5.3.21, 5.3.22, 5.3.23, 5.3.24, 5.3.25, 5.3.26 (rogeriopradoj, loicfrering, CHH)
  • Add 5.4.11, 5.4.12, 5.4.13, 5.4.14, 5.4.15, 5.4.16 (rogeriopradoj, loicfrering, CHH)
  • Add PHP_BUILD_ZTS_ENABLE environment variable to build PHP with ZTS
  • Fixed #118: Install apache module into user's libexec dir (hnw)
  • Fixed #117: Use "php-config" instead of "php" to get extension_dir path (hnw)
  • Fixed #116: Fix extension's path to relative one in apc.ini (hnw)
  • Fixed #113: Find TMP dir based on OS default path (slashmili)
  • Fixed #109: Cannot change config-file-path flag as it's hard coded (CHH)

v0.9.0, 2013/01/01

  • Add XHProf and APC plugins (jtakakura)
  • #74: Fix man installation (yuya-takeyama)
  • #76: Fixed a legibility issue reading the error message (henriquemoody)
  • Add 5.3.16 and 5.4.6 (loicfrering)
  • Avoid installing PHP executable as "php.DSYM" on OSX 10.7 and 10.8 (hnw)
  • Add 5.3.17, 5.4.7 (CHH)
  • Add install_package_from_github for building PHP from Github master (yuya-takeyama)
  • Add 5.5snapshot (yuya-takeyama)
  • Add 5.3.18, 5.4.8 (loicfrering)
  • Enable auto_discover setting of PEAR by default (CHH)
  • Run php-build's test suite on Travis CI (rogeriopradoj)
  • Add 5.3.19RC1, 5.4.9RC1, 5.5.0alpha1 (CHH)
  • Add 5.3.19, 5.4.9 (loicfrering)
  • Add before-install scripts (usecide)
  • Add 5.3.20RC1, 5.4.10RC1 (CHH)
  • Add 5.5.0alpha2 (CHH)
  • #99: Add 5.3.20, 5.4.10 (rogeriopradoj)

v0.8.0, 2012/07/20

  • Added support for 5.3.14, 5.3.15, 5.4.4, 5.4.5 (CHH)
  • Fixed Linux support regarding sed arguments (hnw)
  • Various bug fixes (sanemat, Milly)

v0.7.0, 2012/05/25

  • Added support for 5.3.3, 5.3.12, 5.4.2 (loicfrering)
  • Commenting out the extension_dir in old php.ini files so the default extension dir is used. (sanemat)
  • Honor the --lib-dir which was defined in the definition file by the user (#61). (grota)
  • Added support for patching releases by separating the download/extract step from the build step (#60). (grota)
  • Updated XDebug in all definitions to v2.2.0.
  • Added a Vagrantfile for setting up an Ubuntu 10.10 environment for testing php-build.
  • Added a simple automated testing system using bats (see There are 3 configurations:
    • all: Builds all builtin definitions and runs the test suite on each of them.
    • stable: Builds the most recent versions of the 5.3 and 5.4 series.
    • Supply a definition name and it builds only the definition and runs the test suite on it.

v0.6.2, 2012/05/18

  • Fixed bug #57: Automatic enabling of extension does not work with pecl command.

v0.6.1, 2012/05/09

  • Added support for 5.4.3, 5.3.13

v0.6.0, 2012/05/01

  • php-build now works as plugin to humanshell/phpenv (humanshell).
  • Added support for 5.4.1, 5.3.11
  • Better handling of *.dSYM executables (CHH, eriksencosta).

v0.5.0, 2012/04/16

  • Added --pear flag to install the good old pear installer alongside of Pyrus.
  • Added 5.4.1RC1, 5.4.1RC2, 5.3.11RC1, and 5.3.11RC2 (loicfrering).
  • Removed a hack which renamed generated debug symbols on OSX.
  • Removed IMAP from enabled extensions.
  • Added experimental with_apxs2, which makes an Apache HTTPD module.
  • Fix by removing the unused LOG_DIR variable (suin).

v0.4.0, 2012/03/04

  • XDebug was updated to 2.1.3 in all 5.2.x and 5.3.x definitions.
  • PEAR and Pyrus can be installed along each other. This is experimental though.
  • Added php-build.5 about the definition file format.
  • A particular revision can be passed to install_xdebug_master (loicfrering).
  • Added definition for 5.4.0 final (loicfrering).

v0.3.0, 2012/02/19

  • Added 5.3.10, 5.4.0RC7
  • Added 5.4.0RC8 (loicfrering)
  • Build Logs are now stored in /tmp.
  • Enabled mbstring in 5.2.17 (loicfrering)
  • Refactored some code in download to enable extraction of both .gz and .bz2 archives via tar.

v0.2.0, 2012/01/31

  • Added 5.4.0RC6 (loicfrering)
  • Added --enable-sockets to the default configure flags for all builds.

v0.1.1, 2012/01/11

  • Added 5.3.9RC4, 5.4.0RC5
  • Some changes to Pyrus setup

v0.1.0, 2011/12/28

  • Initial Release
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